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Launching on November 10th @ 11 AM EST

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About Us

We're back to bring you the second edition of eCom Experts Academy... Now known as solely eCom Premier Academy. Since our initial launch we've obtained over 7 figures in proof from students & thousands of people asking us to reopen the doors.. So here we are, the three day only LAST CHANCE to get in to eCom Premier Academy. By far the most useful & easy to apply eCommerce course still a 1/10th the price of the competition.

Our stories have inspired over 100,000 people including Tim Ferriss


The Three Day Launch Funnel

  • eCom Premier Academy: $297.00 (50% Commission)
  • eCom Experts Live VIP Pass + Recordings: $97.00 (50% Commission)
The 3 Phases Prize Pool
  • 1st Place: $3,000.00
  • 2nd Place: $1,500.00
  • 3rd Place: $1,000.00
  • 4th Place: $750.00
  • 5th Place: $500.00
  • 6th-10th Place: $250.00

Total Phase Prizes: $24,000.00

Pre-Launch Lead Contest Prize Pool
  • 1st Place: $5,000.00
  • 2nd Place: $2,500.00
  • 3rd Place: $1,250.00
  • 4th Place: $750.00
  • 5th Place: $250.00
  • 6th-10th Place: $100.00

Total Leads Prizes: $11,250.00

Overall Sales Prize Pool
  • 1st Place: $7,000.00
  • 2nd Place: $4,000.00
  • 3rd Place: $2,000.00
  • 4th Place: $1,000.00
  • 5th Place: $1,000.00

Total Sales Prize Pool: $15,000.00

TOTAL PRIZES: $50,250.00

Over $50,000.00 In Cash Prizes

How does it work?

Our three phase launch is back to make you as MUCH MONEY as possible & keep you earnings more every single day of the launch

Each of the three phases (each day of launch) shall have it's own contest, the prize pools are identical but the sales counter resets every day.

So that means there will be three separate sales contests:
  • Phase 1 contest will be day 1 (Prizes paid out directly after)
  • Phase 2 contest will be day 2 (Prizes paid out directly after)
  • Phase 3 contest will last during the FINAL day of launch (Prizes paid out directly after)

This means you can jump into our launch at ANY time and receive a very nice prize, or if you dominate the ENTIRE launch... You're going home with A LOT of money

Do Our Products Convert & Will You Make Money?

What's New In This Version?

So, what's new in this version of eCom Experts Academy? Well, first off, it's now eCom Premier Academy

Your customers will be getting access to a whole new range of tools specifically built to make their lives easier & to make their stores as profitable as possible

And it's not just limited to tools, your customers will also be getting access to our Facebook Mastermind & extra, in-depth case studies

On top of that, within our Facebook mastermind we'll be holding webinars a few times a month to ensure your customers get the help they deserve

There's still more... Your customers will also get TWO FREE general admission tickets to our live eCom Event in Tampa, FL ... This is the Premier Ecommerce event with speakers such as... Nishant, Matt Schmitt, Phil Kyprianou, Miracle Wanzo, Robert Nava, Justin Taylor, Devin Zander & More

Rest easy knowing your customers are getting an amazing deal & will thank you for bringing this to them.

Your Customers Will Also Receive Our Flagship Course, eCom Experts Academy

Plus, Two Free Tickets To The Next eCom Experts Live

eCom Experts Academy is a SIMPLE, newbie friendly YET extremely powerful eCommerce masterplan for creating a 7-figure per year Shopify store – yeah that's why it's powerful – Anybody regardless if they are totally new to Shopify or eCommerce as a whole can put this course into action and start generating passive income using Shopify today.

Inside the Academy, Robert and Justin will reveal their very own 7-Figure Shopify Masterplan and then lead through each part of the process in over the shoulder videos so users are never left scratching their heads out of confusion. Once users have the plan in their hands Justin will focus on generating the LARGEST ROI through proper webpage branding and with his personal Facebook ads strategy responsible for a whooping 7 figure profits.

As you can see this is a COMPLETE training... No OTOs needed to succeed. They get a ridiculous amount of information in just the Front End. If they take action they WILL succeed just by using our product & apply it.

eCom Box
Table of Contents
  • Understanding Shopify
    1. As a selling platform
    2. The benefits
    3. Understanding the Dashboard
    4. Selling Channels
  • Shopify setup and essentials
    1. Account
    2. Payments
    3. Shipping
    4. Checkout
    5. Theme settings
  • Sourcing Products and Fulfilling Products
    1. What to look for
    2. Tools to use
    3. Sourcing to scale
    4. Drop shipping made easy
    5. Shipping basics
    6. Tips and warnings
  • Product Offers
    1. Upsell offers
    2. Downsell Offers
    3. Recurring offers
    4. Email offers
    5. Free offers
    6. Bundle offers
    7. Bonus offers
    8. Referral offers
  • How to build out and establish a brand
    1. Trust
    2. Consistency
    3. Relatability
    4. Passion
    5. Customer Support
    6. Social Proof
  • How to optimize your web page for high conversions
    1. Landing Page Resonation
    2. Product Presentation
    3. Social Proof
    4. Reviews
    5. Like Count
    7. Images
  • High converting sales process
    1. Cross Sell Compliments
    2. Upsells that are comfortable
      1. Don’t hinder
      2. Use the Supermarket Approach
  • High ROI Facebook Ads Strategy
    1. Competition - How to measure and scale
      1. Bid Reach
      2. OCPM
    2. Interest - 3 types of interest for viral selling ads
      1. Targets
        1. Buying Targets
        2. Community Targets
        3. Authority Targets
      2. Budget - how to bid and adjust budget for low costing conversions
      3. Set Theory - FB relativity explained and how it affects your ads
        1. Frequency
        2. Reach
  • Optimization Clicks
    1. Unique
    2. Results
    3. Thousand
  • Creating Viral Ads
    1. Viral high ROI case studies - 1k ROI and up consistently

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